One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I have always up to a challenge in my life. In the past, I struggled with my weight and during 2004, lost 80lbs and have kept it off since. I went from a size 16 to a size 4. Back then, I tried many different diets and different kinds of exercises (I even hurt my back in group classes!) until I found my own way. It was not surgery or magical diets – in my opinion, they DONT WORK for the long term!

Why am I sharing this? Like many new TAs who are struggling to find their niche and how to keep their clients, one formula doesn’t work the same for everyone. Unfortunately, it is not one size fits all.

I love self-help books for losing weight, to how to become a billionaire, and everything in between. Hopefully, they help the writer make money, and are very inspiring to read. But again, everyone is different and what works for Jane will probably not work for John or Jessie.

When trying a new diet and learning that it doesn’t work for you, or that it is making you feel miserable, don’t just try another diet. Or even worse, continue to stay on the same diet, calling it “research.”  How about trying to analyze why it is not working FOR YOU?  

How can you do this? Some people are good at analyzing themselves. Others work best in a support group or with friends. Some are lucky to find coaches or mentors. There are free mentors like me out there who love to pay it forward.

There are people who don’t believe that a free mentor will really help without an ulterior motive. I am sorry for them! For those people, I am working on getting 900 number and charging $5 a minute!

To less research and more accomplishments!   

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