You Said So

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Here we are – it has been over 2 years since the beginning of Covid. So many predicted that tourism was done for, and no one would ever travel again, maybe only inside one’s own country. Well, here we are facing summer of 2022. We all know that more and more flights are being canceled and that there are more delayed than on-time flights, not only in the US but all over the world. Airlines prices are skyrocketing and luggage is missing or lost like never before.

Let’s try to understand why, so you can explain to it your clients. Make sure you advise them of two very important pieces of information. In my opinion, these two things should be highly recommended by you, and your client should have to sign that he/she/they were advised and can’t blame you for bad consequences:

  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Highly recommend traveling with carry-ons

Now, as for what is going on:

Airlines, especially American ones, are not supposed to increase the price of the airline tickets because of the price of the fuel or inflation. So why are the prices so high? There are two big reasons: many pilots are retiring, and airlines are reducing the number of flights to major destinations, controlling supply and demand. This way, they can raise prices and try to make up for the revenue they lost, especially on the corporate side, since they don’t make as much money on leisure. The corporate side is coming back slowly.

Should we cross our fingers for 2023? In my humble opinion, it will take a couple of years until the airlines get more new pilots and corporate travel goes back to the way it was before Covid.  

About luggage being missing or lost, the problem is that airports don’t have enough ground workers to send the luggage to the different airlines. The situation is made worse because of canceled and delayed planes. This is happening a lot in Europe. So, using carry-ons is the real solution. Less is more. Get wrinkle free clothes. Undergarments that can be washed in the shower in the evening and be dried by morning time. Summer is great for shorts and t-shirts. Mix and match colors. Travel with older tennis shoes and some other clothes and leave them behind to make space for souvenirs. Ship home bigger souvenirs or presents. And don’t forget to make sure the comprehensive travel insurance covers for clothing in case of misplaced or lost luggage.

Once you cover these topics with your client (apps don’t do this!) you will have a client for life and hopefully soon, easier times when traveling for all.

Cheering for you!

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