Mirror, mirror on the wall

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I love mentoring and coaching Travel Agents/Advisors with their businesses. One area where I was and still am very successful, is on how to close a sale. I am not going to bother you with why and where I learned all the psychological pieces of closing a sale, but if you follow my advice and give them a try, and believe in your own skills, success will definitely follow.

Clients need to feel as though they have the power to make a decision. Let them be in charge by giving them the last word. For example: Instead of asking IF they like a certain vacation package, or when they might be ready to book and pay, ASK THEM IF IT WILL BE VISA OR MASTER CARD? Don’t be surprised when they reply by asking if you accept American Express. You asked them a question and gave them the power to making a decision.

Since most sales take place over the phone, keep in mind that what clients hear is exactly how you express yourself. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the use of a mirror when you talk on the phone. What you see is what they hear. Keep smiling, be assertive, be kind and pay attention during the conversation. You will be your best self when you are totally present for your client.

In the event that your client comes to you with “another company/ TA came back with a better price” story, don’t take it personally. First of all, thank that client for being honest and telling you that. Then ask the “questions” but don’t pause to hear the answers – just continue planting seeds of doubt in his/her mind. Ask if the “other company/travel agent” included ALL entrance fees? All transfers? If they will be available for any inconveniences whenever they occur? If the hotel is really a 4-star by American standards or 4-star by that country standards?

By doing this, you show that you are interested in your client’s “worry free” vacation as much as a doctor would be concerned with the patient’s health (you can even use those words). After all, a good TA is like a good doctor. Both are concerned with the person enjoying their time in the best way possible. Value is what you are offering.

I have many more tips on how to approach a client. I will be sending them out weekly in my blogs. If you want them sooner, feel free to contact me. I love sharing my knowledge!


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