What turns you off?

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Did the subject of this blog make you wonder what am I talking about? Well, it is about dealing with clients and prospective ones.

I will start by telling you what used to turn me off. It was when prospective clients would call and before we could develop a nice conversation, the first thing I heard was that they were already working with another travel agent, but they wanted to give me a chance to beat that price.

Well, that really ticked me off. I used to say that I was sure they had gotten the best price, but I wasn’t sure about the service. That would make them very curious, and they then wanted to know why my service would be better than the other travel agent’s. I went to say that my kind of clients don’t go shopping around for price or service, and I do not work with shoppers. I would ask them to please call me back when they were serious to get the right service and price and pay my service fee of (advised my price).

Sometimes I would get an itinerary by email with price and the name of another company with a request to reprice it and send it back. I would simply send it back with a note: “Great job! Good for you!”

I understand that travel agents/advisors need clients and it is hard to set boundaries when we depend on the good word of clients to say how nice, kind and caring we are. But there is a big difference between being nice and feeling used. If you ever feel used or that someone is wasting your time, STOP, and set the boundaries. The right clients and prospective ones will respect you and the ones who are there only to use and take advantage of you are the wrong ones – let them go!

Cheering for you!

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