Give me more reasons, please

Here it is – me again, bragging about travel agents. Why do I want travel agents to shine? What is it that travel agents have so much more of than search engines do? If you ask my opinion, I believe it is everything!

Travel agents have a sense of humor, empathy, feelings and opinions.  They really care for their clients and want to succeed for them. They love their clients and want that feeling to be mutual. They want their clients to refer them to friends and family. They will go to battle for their clients. When their clients are abroad, they are only a “WhatsApp” or a phone call away.

They build relationships, and learn all they can about destinations, hotels, airlines and other trip details to prevent stress for their clients before their wonderful trip. Travel agents treat their client’s trip as carefully as they would for their own family, and will work hard to make everything perfect.

Travel agents spend hours learning how to be the best they can be, and will talk to other travel agents to find the best vendors, the best hotels, and airlines. They will look for mentors, coaches and experienced travel advisors for tips and guidance.

Search engines “may be” cheaper (I am only saying that they “may be” because they very often don’t point out the fine print that travelers later learn about at the destination!) And forget about opinions, feelings and all the other qualities of an agent I describe above; by using a search engine, travelers are basically on their own! Smart travelers look for travel agents, and will keep coming back!

Travel agents shine, no matter who the President is, what economy we have, or even what budget the clients are working with. Travel agents SHINE!

Feel free to repost or copy and paste this on your site! Prospective clients deserve to know better, and your clients should know how smart they are!

Proud of you!

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