Knowledge, Expertise and Empathy

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

We are all hoping that the number of bookings will increase because of the new rules about mask requirements on airports, airplanes and cruises. With the changes, travel agents/advisors must feel a lot of empathy for clients’ needs and fears, anxieties and expectations. Many times, we expect that ALL clients will respond the same way to news about the masks. This can create a false sense of reality. Being ready to explain to some clients how they can feel “protected against Covid” in this new environment demonstrates the real knowledge and expertise of the TA.

Knowledge comes from dedication in learning about a location(s) but the nuances and details come from personal experience. Offering empathy is a skill that is not teachable, but inheritable. It doesn’t matter your sex, political or religion affiliations, it probably comes from your DNA. This whole combo of knowledge and empathy translates into a powerful tool that makes you an awesome Travel Advisor, ready to go the extra mile for each and every client. Clients will be sure to tell family and friends about you, and in a couple of years your business becomes a great success.

I highly recommend that you eventually become a mentor to new agents and/or to others who struggle with any issue in the business. Use your empathy to understand where others are lacking. With your knowledge, you can guide the other person how to succeed. If all of us can focus on growing and helping others to do the same, we can build a better tomorrow for us all.

As my mom used to say, when you just give a fish it will help with only one meal. Teaching someone how to fish helps them forever.

For all the great minds out there, pay it forward!

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