Do you need a website?

Dear TA’s,

I am asked time and time again by Travel Agents/Advisors whether or not they REALLY need a website and if they have one, how simple or sophisticated it needs to be.

Well, let’s analyze this together and compare this situation to something more tangible so you can come up with your own ideas and don’t blame me later.

Suppose your best friend is getting married and you are going to this wedding together with others – about 150 guests. Since it is your best friend, forget about finding an excuse for not going. The invitation comes by email (saving the trees or saving money, who knows?) With it comes “About the Wedding” information with bad spelling and grammar. Instead of an “open bar” they are having a cash bar. There will be no complimentary valet parking, instead there will be self-parking 3 blocks away. But most importantly, there is a BLACK-TIE DRESS CODE!

So now you begin questioning if this all makes sense!  If this is a really a black-tie affair, how should it really have been handled from the invitations on? If this event had a more casual dress code, it would probably be OK; even the bad grammar and spelling could be forgiven.

My question now turns back to you. Do you know what kind of “wedding/ business” you want to do? If you want to reach the “black tie” crowd, act accordingly. If you are a more simple kind of person who is happy with just spreading the word, why push the envelope? 

Business is like life. Use common sense, don’t be embarrassed to consult people who knows better, and be humble enough to ask for advice.

Cheering for your business, and your wedding if that is the case!

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