My Best Decision

Dear TA’s,

I just learned sad news about someone I care a lot about.  We are not that close, but she was definitely part of my life, and even though we haven’t seen each other in a long time, it doesn’t mean I have stopped caring about her.

It is not the first time that something like this has happened to me – receiving sad news about people not close to me, but that has impacted how I want to live my life.

It made me stop what I was doing, and reflect how small everything around me is, and just how important my loved ones are. How insignificant material things are – who cares what car your neighbor drives? Who cares how much jewelry your friend from church wears? Who cares how much money your boss has in the bank? NO ONE can buy time on this earth!

The best decision I have ever made was to pay it forward. I’m trying to improve other people’s lives one at a time, by helping them with my knowledge of business, especially in the travel business. Making them grow and seeing them succeed. Honestly, I have enough. God has given me plenty, and I am so humbled by accepting it all. It is my time to give in any way possible. I mentor for the pleasure and respect it gives me, and to see others prosper. I create new relationships and God has blessed me with new friends. That is definitely the icing on the cake.

I wish we would all just stop a moment and feel the blessings we get by giving.


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