Time to Fly South

Dear TA’s,
It is cold in the Northern Hemisphere, so it is time to fly south, where the sun is shining.
After feeling the cold for a while, even the cold weather lovers get tired and we all start counting the days until spring. Well, we could just go south or to the Caribbean.
As a good Brazilian, I strongly suggest going to see why so many people have fallen in love with Ipanema Beach, the Corcovado, and the ginormous Christ the Redeemer statue with his arms open to the beautiful Rio de Janeiro.
The Afro Brazilian history is beautifully presented with the history of Carnival, now on display during the whole year: from how everything started, how Africa influenced the Brazilian Carnival, the timeline of every year’s parade, the preparation of the most beautiful costumes, drinking some Caipirinha, dressing up in some costumes and learning how to dance Samba from professionals.  It is not just a memorable experience, but also a learning one.
I have been promoting Brazil as a great destination to learn about how the Afro culture and Catholicism combined harmoniously into the beautiful Brazilian culture. I have been “preaching” through travel a way to understand race with different eyes, where Afro beliefs came to enrich a country so far away from Africa. History is still on the make when people learn how to live together not judging or being judged but respecting and encouraging each other.
Fly south where the sun is shining and you can learn and be humbled!
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