Prove me wrong.

Dear TA’s,

I don’t know how many “friends” or “followers” you have on social media, but I can tell you I have a lot. I spend a good part of my time reading their posts and I’ve noticed lately that sending hugs and prayers is the sentence I write the most (and I mean it).

There has been so much pain lately from people losing a loved one, or someone going through a different painful experience, either physical or emotional. It seems like “the world is in pain.”

But, in between these types of posts we find many celebrations, lots of new babies and birthdays and many quotes mentioning the Bible, thanking God for blessings. The world is not ending, but for many it seems as if it did somehow.

After a paragraph like that, what I want to prove is that our time in this world is short, and even shorter than we expected for our loved ones. So eat the cake (even if it is gluten free so it won’t make you sick), dance in the rain (with an umbrella to avoid a cold), and take all the trips you possibly can (using the knowledge of a TA so it will be pleasant and memorable).

Do all the things that make you happy and include all your loved ones. Create as many memories as possible. Then, when you look back, you will have many beautiful stories to share instead of regrets to cry about.

Explain to your clients that they can always find a way to make money, but to create memories, they need health, they need their loved ones, and they need you (their travel agent/advisor) to make sure everything will be as perfect as it can be. Then they need their heart to beat even faster than the click of their best camera, and all their beautiful memories will be created in their minds, hearts, and in pictures, and no one will be able to delete them.

Sending hugs and love to all of you!


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