Just make it happen!

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Happy 2022!

I would love to start my first blog of the year with only good news, but life is more about how we act with each piece of information we receive, and not about how we sit with our feelings about each fact that comes to us.

As you probably know, the airlines are canceling many flights for the first two weeks of 2022. It is not as much because of the weather, but because of “science.” The question of whether quarantines should be 5 or 10 days for pilots and crew. The unions say it is 10 days, and the airlines and industry say it is 5.  Airlines need crew and pilots to operate the airplanes, so they prefer to cancel the flights ahead of time until this issue is resolved, which gives passengers more time to rebook.

In the corporate world, many companies decided to hold their conventions and meetings virtually instead of in person. The months of January and February used to be slower for leisure travel, but airlines traditionally relied on corporate travel to start the year. The good news for leisure travel is that airlines have lowered their prices. So, use those lower prices, combined with TRAVEL INSURANCE and send your clients on a safe vacation. Corporate travel is still weaker than usual, and its future depends on when companies feel comfortable sending employees back to work and people are comfortable at large conventions.

Yes, you can! Some people may disagree with me (when we talk about guidelines and masks) but following the CDC guidelines, especially by getting the right Travel Insurance, wearing masks inside and outside (in crowded places) people can still have a great vacation by taking advantage of low airfare and awesome destinations.

I enjoy warm weather and can’t wait to go someplace where I can relax on the beach, walk on the sand and rest my eyes looking at the ocean.

To a 2022 where you can make it happen!

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