Have a Merry New Year!

Dear All,

We are ending the year of 2021 with many blessings!

We can count our falls as a way to learn and grow, and for all our victories, we should think how blessed we are.

We’ve had a whole year to get together and celebrate birthdays, even without blowing out the candles on the birthday cake. A whole entire year of going back to some kind of life, where you could go out to eat, travel, get together with people, exercise, do as many things as you did pre-COVID, and feel sort of normal.

Now, for a moment, let’s stop and think what has made us more resilient, what we have learned about ourselves and how much we’ve grown this year.

Can’t we all say that since COVID, the minutiae that used to bother us are now just little annoyances? Can’t we all say that life has much more meaning, so we want to spend more time with people who make us feel good and not waste our time trying to please everyone?

Can’t we all agree that money comes and goes, but kindness is the real deal?

2022 is at our door and we need even more understanding, more kindness, and to care more for each other. Let’s try to judge less and help more. Let’s try to give more and take less. Let’s try to agree to disagree instead of show “who is ‘mas macho.’”  Let’s try to forgive more for our own sakes.

I wish you all a beautiful 2022, where you can feel blessed, happy and safely hugged!


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