Friendship and Cruises Together!

Dear TA’s,

I am writing this blog from a beautiful beach in Florida where the temperature has reached 80F and the breeze is making the day even nicer. Yes, the sand is warm and looking at the water makes me feel all my stress go away. I ask myself if I could live like this. Why not?

When we arrived from the airport and rented a car to come to this beautiful hotel on the beach, we saw many cruises parked at the port. It has been a little over 2 years since I’ve been on a cruise, and I could feel my body going through bad withdrawals! For the first time, my body and brain both reacted to my cruise lover addiction – and I feel I desperately need to go to one.

We are already booking cruises for 2022. Unfortunately, I have more time than my husband to travel. I love company when I travel, so I will soon post my cruises and invite my FRIENDS (from Facebook and from other places) to join me and party. Let’s celebrate life! Since I haven’t booked all my trips yet, I am welcoming suggestions. I am not soooo picky, but it must be a nice cruise, preferably on the Caribbean side. I am not available April 10, 24; Memorial Day, and June 1-15, and the end of August (all weddings I have already RSVPed for!) Go ahead and use your CLIA knowledge and invite more girls to make it even more fun.

I can’t wait to meet you, especially some of you who I feel I already know so well through Facebook where we’ve already built a friendship. Life is what we build, and it is happier and more enjoyable the more we travel and the more we get together to celebrate it. Life is most beautiful on the Caribbean side!

Cheers to life, travel and friendship!

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