Welcome Back. How?

Dear TAs,

In my opinion, your “Welcome Back” email is the best tool you have towards client retention and self-promotion. A well written and precisely timed “Welcome Back” email from you is the key.

Let’s review the precise time to send it first:

If you send your email too early, when most folks are still opening a bunch of emails received while they were away, your email could be mistaken as junk mail or something they got from you during their trip, so it is not important anymore.

But, if you take too long to send it, it loses the main goal of client retention and becomes one more piece of junk to deal with in their everyday life.

All people deal with their email differently; some are collectors, they don’t rush to read them, especially during vacation. Others are kind of OCD about email, even the inbox on their phone needs to show zero, so whenever they find Wi-Fi they read and clean out the junk.

So, the big question is when is not too late but also not too early? I have a rule of 10 days.

Let the collector catch up, and the OCD relax –  and if either group of people had any stopover before coming home, or any bad experiences during their flight  such as a flight delay, a person kicking their seat, or nowadays, someone not wanting to wear a mask (anything that could make the trip a little unpleasant), you don’t want to be the target of their frustration since it had nothing to do with your planning!

Now in terms of what to say in the body of your “Welcome Home” email:

Let’s remember that there are people who are givers, and others who are takers. From the givers, you can expect a thank you letter as soon as they come back, saying how wonderful you are and that they will tell their friends and families about you.

From the takers, expect a letter of complaint as soon as they come back, asking for a refund or a compensation for their troubles, or they will tell ALL their friends and families how awful you are.

Now that we have taken care of the givers and takers, let’s concentrate on the other types of clients. These are the ones who will receive your “Welcome Home” email. In my opinion, don’t ask any questions, don’t ask them to give you feedback, if they wanted to, they would belong in one of the other groups. Also don’t push them so hard that they eventually become eventually a complainer. Instead, tell them how much you enjoyed creating their dream vacation and can’t wait to do it again.  If you want, you can give them a gift certificate for their next vacation if they call you by certain date, or choose a vacation of a certain value, etc.

The shortest and sweetest email you can send will be the most successful one. If you are working with a large group, make sure you write an email to every single member, no cc’ing or bcc to anyone. Treat each person as they deserve to be treated, by giving them individual attention. This is very important, just like a thank you note after a nice gift!

Cheering for you as always!

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