The Magic Mirror!

Dear TA’s,

During the time that I had my tour company, I placed a small mirror next to each salesperson’s phone that said: “What you see is what they hear!”  It was a reminder to each one of them to smile and keep a positive attitude, so the client would hear it, feel their excitement, and buy the tour package.

I believe this is still true, but I want to add some important factors to this same mirror. Something I strongly believe is a great tool – both now and then, especially for hard working travel agents/advisors. I honestly call it the Magic Mirror!

Place a good-sized mirror next to where you answer the phone and use your computer/laptop. While working on a booking or in contact with a client or prospective one, check your facial expression (like a selfie!) If you notice you are frowning, or if your guts are bothering you and you can see it on your face, STOP!

If you are on a call, tell your client that a phone call is coming through and you need to call him/her back. If you’re writing an email, just stop. Take few deep breaths and walk around a bit. First, check where in your body you are feeling uncomfortable (most of the time it is in your guts or your heart is pounding too fast.) Think about what was said that made you uncomfortable, and then ask yourself why.

Many times, a client can get under your skin for one reason or another or push a button that you never expected.

Remember that always, you are the expert, you are in control.

Like a doctor, you can give the right “medication” to the patient, but not the other way around. Many times, the client (patient) wants to take charge and show the TA (doctor) what a control freak they can be. DON’T ALLOW THEM TO!

Most importantly, don’t ever let them make you doubt yourself, or all your knowledge and experience.

Use that Magic Mirror and keep yourself in check!

Cheering for you!

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