Another Kind of Luxury Cruise

Luxury cruises are changing and are catering to more cruisers who want to travel in a more purposeful way.  These days, luxury cruise passengers are just as interested in getting access to unique and transformational experiences as they are about being pampered.

Travelers now want to travel far away, but they want travel with intent and purpose. They want to return home changed in some way.  They want to enjoy a deep connection with the destinations that they visit.

There has been significant growth in the demand for upscale “expedition” type cruises that travel to more remote parts of the world such as Antarctica and the Arctic.  Cruise lines are adding more ships that offer passengers meaningful exploration opportunities in addition to an upscale cruise experience.

Luxury cruises have now become a journey of exploration and discovery.  By participating in these meaningful experiences, passengers get to know themselves and those around them even more. Cruisers now have the opportunity to see their chosen destinations more slowly and deeply than in the past.

Over the past 10 years or so, cruise lines have changing their itineraries to cater to these types of passengers. Rather than focusing on panoramic sightseeing tours, they are developing experiences that enable passengers to mix and mingle with locals and do things that locals do. Such experiences might include a food tour through a destination that involves tasting local foods, wine and beer with a local chef. These types of opportunities offer passengers memorable experiences that they can go back home and share with their friends and family.

With that said, luxury travelers still want and expect the creature comforts for which luxury travel has become known. Luxury cruise passengers can now expect meaningful and moving experiences combined with all the amenities that they have come to expect, such as outstanding food, service and accommodation.

Bon Voyage!

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