The New Normal

Dear TA’s and Friends,

For quite some time, we have been talking about living in the “new normal.” Exactly what is the “New Normal” and why is it different for every person? That is what I struggle with.

When we talk about individuals who lost a child even before Covid, what is the “New Normal” for that person/family? After 09/11 killed so many? When the Holocaust destroyed so much?

People are resilient. Many believe that we are being tested, and because of that we need to put in all our efforts and positive energy to survive. Many get even closer to religion and pray more. Whatever it takes to make them stronger and help them embrace the “New Normal” even sooner.

I am not a preacher, nor do I intend to tell how people how to deal with their personal demons. Covid affected and is affecting the whole world. Some believe in the vaccine, others don’t – their “New Normals” are different.

What I strongly believe is that we have only one life to live, and that we need to live our best life.

Travel, create memories, see the beautiful world out there before it is too late. Go, explore the beauty before your eyes aren’t able to see anymore. Walk to places before your legs can’t take you there anymore. Smell the sweet perfume of the roses carefully, without grabbing the thorns. Be safe because there is always a “New Normal” out there waiting for us.

Cheers to life!

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