Bells Ringing to New Groups

Dear TA’s,

I am a true believer that when life throws you lemons you should make the best lemonade. If you want to be even more creative, mix up some dough and make a sweet lemon cake!

The COVID era is not done yet. Rules are still being implemented for travel and business in general, but one thing is definitely true, people are still falling in love and wanting to get married, despite this whole mess (and others are having kids as well!)

If you are trying to look for wedding venues in the US, the good ones are already sold out and the prices are much higher than they used to be. Also, the rules for large gatherings are different from state to state. Many grooms and brides are finding that having a destination wedding will be more affordable for them. By doing this, they are better able to select their guests and create a big party, combined with a nice vacation for the whole group.

Most destination weddings are taken in Mexico and The Caribbean. Both of these destinations are close enough for easy travel, but each follow different rules for Covid since they are different countries.

The Travel Agents/Advisors who are taking advantage of this market can work with the wedding destination to book the groups. Some travel agents prefer to work only on individual bookings (not groups) because sometimes groups can be overwhelming. Another idea is to work just with honeymooners which is still a very much up-and-coming market that needs lots of hands on attention, with great commission.

These suggestions are based on lots of research, and I hope you can use my ideas. If you need to pick my brain, feel free to do so!

To love and to travel!

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