I left my Spark in San Francisco

Dear TA’s,

Sorry Tony Bennett, I really tried! After some beautiful days in Napa we drove to San Francisco to finish our well-deserved vacation. Actually, the trip started really well with a delicious lunch at Le Garage in Sausalito. Sausalito continues to have charm and it is beautiful to see San Francisco from there. But then we arrived in SFO, we drove to the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins, on the top of the hill next to The Fairmont. It is really a classic, it was bought by a Chinese company and because of Covid, nothing has been done to it and it looks neglected. Of three small elevators, only two were working. A long line forms to go up in the elevator, especially in the late afternoon with those who want to have a drink on the 19th floor at the scenic Top of the Mark.

Driving around the Fisherman’s Wharf is so sad, it reminds one of a deserted town, very few shops are open, the streets are so dirty and there are homeless everywhere.

Anywhere other than the Russian Hills and Lombard Street feel very unsafe for walking around. Even when going by car to any supermarket or drugstore, there are signs everywhere saying not to leave valuables inside the car to avoid theft and vandalism. Many of the cable cars have graffiti all over them.

The last time I enjoyed San Francisco was 15 years ago, and then the city was really beautiful. I still enjoy seeing Fisherman’s Wharf on a video program through my tread mill when I exercise, but the reality is much different.

I highly recommend using the airport SFO, renting a car, having a nice lunch in Sausalito and then driving to Napa or Sonoma for a few days, or even a couple of weeks, but definitely avoid the city for now.

Los Angeles and San Francisco were once beautiful. It’s not necessary to go into politics, but my suggestion is to avoid the cities as much as you can, despite the fact that I live in LA!


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