Napa and Surroundings Part 2

Dear TA’s,

I mentioned last week that there would be a part two to the part one about Napa and its surroundings. The wineries deserve a whole blog about them! You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate the wine from that area and for those who are not so much into wine, I am sure you will find at least one wine you like, there are so many varieties.

Honestly, if there is a silver lining from Covid for visiting and tasting at the wineries, it is that you can do it by appointment only and they have a limited number of tables and seats. Everything is mostly outside. In other words, for wine lovers like me, it is heaven going by appointment only, avoiding lines and a busy conglomeration of people, and being able to enjoy the delicious wine in peace. How could life be better? LOL!

Napa and its surroundings have so many wineries, you would need months to visit them all (doing 2 or 3 a day). We were there for 4 days and 1 day in SFO. We are already members of 2 wineries, so we decided to visit a couple of our favorites that we are not members of: Caymus, Peju and Bremmer, and some new ones to fall in love with (and we did,) Pine Ridge and Alpha Omega.

At Caymus we discovered Sea Sun, one of their brands of Pinot Noir. Even though I am not a Pinot drinker, this one is so smooth and delicious that we had to buy some.

We were one of three couples and maybe from getting older, I noticed that I can’t tolerate as many tastings, so I split my taste with my husband, which was fine with the winery. The price of the tasting is complimentary once you purchase wine. Between the 3 couples it was easy to purchase a case of 12 wines and delivery was free. Actually, it was so easy to buy cases of wine, we returned from the tastings almost empty handed, we just purchased some extra Sea Sun Pinot Noir for our dinners as great treat.

There is no way to go wrong experiencing the wineries in Napa and surroundings, especially now that you need to make appointments. Make sure to ask how much the tastings are, if the tasting can be split between 2 people, and if it becomes complimentary once you purchase the wine. Some of them are even complimentary to begin with.

Sure, you can find wineries for $150 a taste that cannot be split, and bottles of wine for over $300 each. The same way you can go to The French Laundry Restaurant and pay $350 per person for the meal plus drinks. It is a matter of money but, taste as well. The choice is ultimately yours!


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