Specialization in Business + Clientele

Dear TA’s,
Those who follow my blogs know that I love mentoring travel agents/advisors. Over 30 years of experience as a Tour Operator selling to travel agents taught me a lot about relationships and how to guide my new clients.
I am honored to pay it forward, and hope all of you can do the same, and spread kindness in this world in some capacity.

I always advise the benefit of specializing in an area of travel to my mentees; by areas, by activities or by interests. For example, singles groups, Latin America, safaris, scuba, etc. By focusing on an area, you, the travel agent, can become well-known for that specialization, and referrals will come practically ready to book without you having to work so hard against the “competition.”  The great advantage of this is the more you specialize, the less competition you will have. But if you make that specialization so exclusive, the number of prospective clients may be so small that business could be sporadic.

Let’s address clientele.  Over and over on social media, I see business people with strong opinions who have found this to be a platform to voice their thoughts. By doing this, they are limiting their clientele to those who share the same opinions as themselves. This is one way of defining their businesses model, but definitely doesn’t show tolerance. Tolerance is that despite having a strong opinion about a certain topic, (that should be shared only in private between personal friends and family) understanding that others may have opinions different than your own, and even so, continuing to do business with those people, regardless of your differences.

The choice is ultimately yours. You are in charge of your life and your business. You can choose if you want to sell travel to just a pool of people who think exclusively like you, or to anyone who wants to travel.
Cheers to you!

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