Traveling California’s South Coast

Orfila Vineyards Tasting Room and Kitchen

Dear TA’s,

If you are looking for good weather in the low 70s, good hotels for a reasonable price, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and darling towns, I highly recommend coming to Carlsbad, Encinitas and Oceanside California.

It is so different from the Los Angeles area, where graffiti and homeless people dominate the landscape. These adorable south coast cities offer a much more pleasant experience of what California is all about.

For those who enjoy theme parks, Carlsbad offers Lego Land. I stayed at the Westin in Carlsbad next to Lego Land and even though I did not go to the park, I enjoyed the resort at the hotel, and it was practically kid free.

At Oceanside I highly recommend going to Orfila Vineyards Tasting Room and Kitchen. Priced at only $20 per tasting they offered great wines, and delicious food. Since you are indulging, go next door for the most decadent doughnuts: Parlor Doughnuts (those who are gluten free or vegan will not feel neglected!)

Don’t miss the beach in Oceanside, just a couple of blocks from the Tasting Room and doughnut shop.

Breakfast and beach are the right combination for a fun day in Encinitas. There are many choices of restaurants and delis, for all tastes. Just take Highway 101, park somewhere and walk around. Find the place that looks most fun to you. Don’t forget to browse those cute knick-knack shops.

Come visit the South Coast of California, good wine is waiting for you!


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