Getting the Mojo back!

Dear TA’s,

As I have said before, get ready to be busy booking trips in 2021. I am sure many of you travel agents/advisors are already working overtime. Clients are eager to travel and many of them haven’t been anywhere in over a year. Many travelers, especially the savvy ones who use travel agents, believe that going back to traveling will be like going back to riding a bicycle.

Well, they may be surprised when they find out that it may take a lot longer to check into a hotel. If they find that the room is in a little noisier location of the building or they’re disturbed by the sound of another family upstairs, changing rooms may not be as easy as it was before Covid due to new hotel regulations. It’s very important to teach your client to speak up and get another room, and not let that be an inconvenience for their vacation. If frustrated, your client may reach out to you, but certainly him/her that they can get a better solution in person than you could so far away by phone. So, prepare your client and let them know how to deal with this, and other situations.

When eating at restaurants now, reservations are the name of the game. Make sure they know that the best places (not necessarily the most expensive) need reservations sometimes months ahead at prime time for all meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. For those who (like me) enjoy looking at the menu over and over, have them satisfy their curiosity now by downloading the menu onto their phone and check it there as often as they like. Some restaurants still give you (if you ask, and if they still have) a disposable or laminated paper menu. Food cannot be sent back to the kitchen. So, it is smart to remind clients of this information.

By having a good night’s sleep and good meals, most of the vacation is guaranteed; and for that, a travel agent can guide their clients. In terms of weather, it is hard to predict when it is going to rain or shine.

Another factor for a great vacation is the company the client chooses to travel with. Well, in that, no one else has any say! LOL!


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