1st anniversary of “2 weeks of flatten the curve”!

Dear All,

Can you believe it?

I can’t! Even in my wildest dreams I could never have imagined that the whole world would stand still due to a pandemic, with so many deaths and so many people who have lost their jobs and businesses. Travel became an almost impossible dream, especially when so many countries closed their borders. Cruises stopped still.

We all know how much we have lost, how much we hurt, and how much we crave normalcy.

Let me talk about the positives of what I have learned, and hopefully you have some too.

I have always been a very anxious person. I started my day thinking about how I would finish it. I didn’t enjoy thinking about each part of the day. I lived for travel so what happened in between each trip was just to fill space until the next trip, and it was even better if time would move fast because I was always ready for my next adventure.

When Covid hit, 3 of our planned cruises got canceled right away. Adios to the 7 new countries I was planning to add to my collection of countries visited – which so far has 86. I was so frustrated.

After all those “2 weeks to flatten the curve” predictions, I saw that there were no cruises coming in 2020. I needed a new distraction, so I focused more on exercising and eating healthy. Instead of using exercise to fill the time between my trips, I started to enjoy every single movement. I started to do Pilates and weight training with my eyes closed and focus on each muscle of my body. It has been almost a year now. Miracles don’t happen overnight. I don’t look like a Goddess (LOL!) nor am I in a hurry. I am truly enjoying the process. I am not as anxious, and I am definitely stopping to smell the roses and appreciate the sunshine during my power walk. 

Even If this was the only positive experience I could get from this awful pandemic, I feel blessed.

How about you?

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