To Weddings and Honeymoons

Dear TAs,

As we all know, weddings and honeymoons in 2020 did not happen with their usual glamour, and probably will not happen again until at least fall of 2021.

Hopefully, many couples who were together before Covid continue to be in love and possibly even grew stronger together during this pandemic. Other relationships may have started during Covid, not an easy path but definitely a very promising one. Some may have luckily discovered during the pandemic that their love was not going to survive difficult times and broke up. We saw them all.

What we will definitely see is an increase of destination weddings and honeymoons in 2022. Be ready to book them!

If I were working on destination weddings and honeymoons the first piece of advice I would give to my prospective clients is to send the SAVE THE DATE – yesterday! (LOL, by that I mean the soonest possible) so they can guarantee their guest list, before people promise to go to other weddings.

In terms of destination weddings, the sooner they can sign the contract with the resort/hotel and airlines for the group rooms/seats the better the chances for great deals and prime locations. For the airlines, booking early will offer more direct flights than multiple stops.

Honeymooners want to make sure to they choose their dream destination with worry free travel after a well-deserved wedding.

Cheers to great weddings in 2022!

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