Vaccine and Cruises

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

As you know, through all of 2020 I dreamed of being on a cruise. The three cruises we had booked were all cancelled.

The Biden administration, which will begin on January 20, 2021, has set a goal of providing 100 million vaccines to Americans within the first 100 days of its presidency.

Travel agents and travelers alike wonder if the cruise industry is going to make vaccination mandatory to sail. There has been no official word about this, and a few weeks ago, one cruise line executive said that he did not foresee vaccination becoming a requirement to sail.

However, the vaccine has now been approved, and distribution will likely begin as soon as this week.  Every industry that relies on international travel is now having the same discussion and making the decision whether or not to require vaccination as a condition of travel.

Qantas Airline has decided to make vaccination mandatory to fly once the vaccines become widely available. As a country, Australia is also considering making it mandatory to have the vaccine to enter.

Several travel organizations and companies are considering the creation of a “vaccine passport.”  Vaccination is sure to be a big discussion, and what happens in the cruise industry will be a very interesting debate.  The result will more than likely depend on what happens in other countries and businesses in the travel industry.

If vaccination is required by destinations and airlines for travel, more people are likely to get vaccinated. At that point, the cruise industry may be better able to require it. It is surely going to be quite a topic of interest and discussion in the very near future!

What is your opinion?

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