Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

It is December! How many of you have not traveled since the pandemic began? I missed my cruises, the excitement of being on the ship, the excursions, the shows, the elegant dinners, walking around and meeting new and fun people, the pool, the gym, going dancing, taking some interesting “classes,” waking up in a new port, shopping, breakfast in the room, (I avoided the buffet, so I wouldn’t overeat 😜). I even miss the casino, the massages and mani-pedis, why not?

I can see myself getting onboard again and enjoying every bit of the cruise once we get the vaccine. I have so many more countries on my bucket list to explore. Thirty-four at least to be exact! My goal is to get to 120 – so you do the math of how many countries I have already been to. I couldn’t add any on my list this year from the 3 cruises we missed. Right now, exactly now, we were supposed to be taking one starting in Singapore and ending in Dubai.

Hopefully next year!

Travel will come back even better and stronger than before. People need to get away so badly. I hope all Travel Agents/Advisors are ready to take care of all those bookings. Smart travelers will not make the arrangements themselves. They need a good and experienced advisor to hold their hand. There will also be so many first-time travelers going places, especially to Mexico and The Caribbean. Watch my prediction!

This is the reaction of a human being, to celebrate life after a pandemic, after a difficult year. The world is a big party and we all need to celebrate by embracing new cultures, old cultures, speaking HELLO in other languages, and feeling alive again!


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