Reacting to Changes

Dear All,

Have you thought how about how flexible your mind is and about your attitude towards change?  I was talking to my personal trainer and discussing how many people have gained weight during this year.

I am not judging anyone, we all know that eating more or less has to do with how we deal with our feelings. Some, I believe fewer than average, eat less during a stressful time. It is a matter of control, they can’t control their environment so they control their food intake.

On the other hand, most people eat more to avoid dealing with their real feelings, trying to “fill up” the emptiness of what they feel inside. Unfortunately, food intake is not going to fulfill their feeling of emptiness.

The real winners are the ones who can express how sad, unhappy, frustrated they feel, and name their feelings (hopefully without “hurting” others physically or emotionally) and deal with their real feelings and use food only for nutrition. Easier said than done!

Food is one easy way to see how people deal with change. Another sign is withdrawal. Suddenly a friend disappears,with no calls, no texts, no nothing. That can indicate serious depression, or another mental illness. PLEASE REACH OUT! If you can’t, reach another common friend. Some people may need help and mental health is very important especially in these hard times. Don’t judge, don’t think about the differences you may have had in the past, just be kind and reach out, for them and for yourself!

Today I went to have breakfast at the same restaurant I have been going to for a while, with the same awesome waiter. The restaurant had the same number of patrons, but because it was windy at the beach, they changed the serving area slightly. I noticed the waiter seemed a little lost. Not the same smile or regular charm. Well, this small change of venue really did a trick on him. At the end, when we went to pay our tab he seemed a little embarrassed and told us that he hoped that next week we would be in the same place as we’d been every week before. This little change was overwhelming for him. Be sensitive! Not everyone experience changes the same way.  Try to step into other’s shoes and ask yourself how would you feel.

Empathy and kindness go a long way.

Thank you for “listening.”


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