Sabbatical Year

Dear All,

We have just started November of 2020. When the lockdown started in March, who could have imagined a year like this? So much has been lost! People’s lives, businesses, celebrations and so many other losses that we will learn of in the future – what a devastating year we’ve had.

I could write about all the bad things that have happened to me and to people I know, but I choose to write about all the things we’ve learned, focus on the blessings, and take 2020 as a Sabbatical year, even though I wasn’t asking for one.

Did you notice how, suddenly, the world seems so much closer when you can have a conference or meeting by Zoom? How many more virtual hugs you can get from all around the world, from friends and family, when before you were only counting the real hugs from people around you.

Even small celebrations can be shared with cousins in Australia, with distant friends in Morocco and family around Italy. Instead of 150 guests, you have 200 meaningful people happy for your celebration. Life is worth being celebrated – despite Covid.

I applaud those who took the time to learn a new skill, started a new business, started or wrote a book, or created something new. If those people could do that during 2020, they understand life in a simpler and more resilient way. They took advantage of a Sabbatical year to become a better person.

For those who didn’t, guess what? The good news is that this year is not over. Most of us even get one more hour on Sunday! We still have time to learn and make from 2020 a better YOU!

Go get it!

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