Travel Lovers USA

 Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

In last week’s blog I spoke about some international places that I recommend for Travel Lovers. Some of you commented about other places like Tanzania and Egypt. I like them a lot and I would recommend them as well.

I was really hoping for more input from you, travel experts, about other places you recommend to your clients.

Now, I want to suggest some places in the US for those who are Travel Lovers but feel safer staying in the country; maybe traveling by car or RV, or flying a shorter distance. Here is my list and again, I appreciate your input.


Top ski destination in general, and Deer Valley always limits the number of people on the mountains.

Great properties to chose from with residential/villa-style feel.

Easy to get to with direct flights


Quick and easy flights

Great for getting out in nature (what people are looking for if you live in a city)

Good option for active families (particularly skiers)

Aspen is very popular right now. Most lively and luxe options in Colorado.


Drivable from both San Francisco and Los Angeles

Great hotel and villa selections (particularly homes on the lake)

Family oriented destination


Florida is an alternative for those looking for warm weather but not wanting to go to the Caribbean.

I would love to hear other options from you. Travel lovers are always looking for safe options to continue enjoying life. They truly understand that life should be lived to the fullest and every day is a gift.

To life and to travel!

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