Fear and Anxiety

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors:

I want to talk about the situation with travel now, and in the near future. How are your clients behaving with booking trips now? Are they booking travel for 2021 or 2022?

I know many people are scared to travel because of Covid. Meanwhile, there are incredible deals on flights, future cruises, and many countries are now opening for tourism.

When approaching your clients and asking if they are ready to book a trip, take the time to listen carefully to their answers. Pay attention to their concerns. For example, if they say that they are not ready to buy a ticket to London for New Year’s because they don’t know if the airline will still be in business, or if London will be hit with a third wave of Covid, those are real FEARS and the easiest way to address them is by offering travel insurance.

Anxiety on the other hand, can be much more difficult to deal with. The person sounds more vague, with no acceptance of any ideas. An anxious person can’t explain their reasons not to book a trip, but with every suggestion there is a reaction of overwhelming negativity.

I am not trying to be a therapist here, but I am making sure that once you, the travel agent/advisor, listens carefully to your client and understands that you are dealing with fear, you can offer tools so your client can book a safe trip and have something to look forward to. Meanwhile if your client is having anxiety, it may better to send a nice card that says, “Thinking of you” and let them find a good therapist and/or psychiatrist to help them get through these hard times.

We know that many therapists and psychiatrists are now working overtime. It is undoubtedly a very tough time for many people.

I am not judging your clients. I am just making sure that travel agents/advisors can be successful during this time by listening carefully and helping those who have fears and by respecting and giving space to the anxious ones. Know they will come back to you later when they are ready.

To many more trips!

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