Is it time now?

Dear All,

For those who feel resilient and uplifted, this is not a blog for you!

I am writing to those who are truly feeling “When is this going to be over?” “What is really the new normal?” “What facts do scientists know?” “Am I going to be happy again?” – and thoughts like that.

If you are asking any of the questions above, despite what you tell others or post on your social media, I recommend you read this. Feel free to comment, like it, or “pretend” you didn’t see it 😜.

For those who feel sad, let me tell you that you are not alone. Psychiatrists and psychologists are working full time. Divorce attorneys are being called, people are gaining weight and drinking booze like there is no tomorrow. The sales of cigarettes and vapes is going up. Americans are not welcome in lots of countries because of Covid, so traveling is prohibited for those who used to travel to recharge from stressful times.

I encourage each of everyone to verify the information I’ve provided. Check which countries prohibit Americans flying into them, especially those that have safer levels of Covid. Check how psychiatrists and psychologists are busy dealing with patients.  Also see the news about the increased sales of booze, cigarettes and vapes.

Let me give you the good news now: Everyone who was born without the gene called “patience” and have a hard time “seeing” the light at the end of the tunnel, should remember that time will pass and when we all least expect it (even though it seems like light years from today) we will be in a much better place!

Cheers and God bless you!

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