Ferris Wheel Ride

fair-4003075_640Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Those who don’t feel like you are riding a Ferris Wheel during these pandemic times, raise your hand!

I need to be honest and share some feelings I had last week – especially when I heard that New Zealand was celebrating 100 days with not even one case of Covid.  At first I was jealous, then I shared with my husband the idea of moving to New Zealand. Yes, I got this beautiful sense of high, imagining that somehow I could get my “old” life back and live Covid free. Sure, I didn’t think about immigration laws and where exactly we would live, but playing with the idea made me feel good again.

Then, as you have probably heard, New Zealand began to get Covid cases again and my dreams of moving to this Covid- free country went down the drain.

How about trying to book a cruise? Every single cruise line is postponing their departure dates, some will resume only by the middle of 2021. Europe is concerned about the increase of Covid cases based on incoming travelers.

I still believe that the best cure for these ups and downs is traveling. If you are not ready to take a plane, travel locally.  Either way, make a list of places in the US and go visit. Rent an RV or rent a big car, stay close to nature, there are wonderful places to visit. Disconnect from everything else and just get the good energy of a fun vacation. Staying in the US has many advantages: you can speak the language, you understand the culture (or try to, LOL!) and you’ll have the opportunity to realize how big this country really is. Maybe you can even ride a real Ferris Wheel!

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