Stories of AirBnB


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Allow me share some stories about AirBnB (more like nightmares) during Covid. Feel free to share them with friends, clients, and prospective friends and clients, LOL!

First, let me confirm that all brand-name hotels, from the most economical to the most expensive, have to follow a protocol of hygiene for Covid-19 in order to stay in business. They are constantly monitored.

Now I can begin to tell my stories.

One of them happened to a friend of mine who is a full-time attorney. She booked a big house in the winery county of Sonoma for 3 nights (Friday through Monday). The house had 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a BBQ and swimming pool. She has 2 young kids, and was taking her in laws as well. On Friday morning (the same Friday she was supposed to leave) she got a phone called from the rental company in charge of that property, apologizing for double booking. They were refunding all the money she had paid, plus they would give her a night in any other property they own for free for a future booking. My friend told them she didn’t want to do business with them again, and how disappointed her family was, and so forth.

Airbnb got them another property which had 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, but for 2 nights only (Saturday through Monday). It was last minute and the cost was $500 more than the previous rental (despite being minus one night, and less 1 bedroom, and bathroom) but in an even better location. My friend accepted that rental, but she wanted Airbnb to at least pay the $500 difference in price. She spent all weekend on the phone with Airbnb trying to get in touch with their attorney, since she is one. Six weeks later, she is still fighting about it. Sure, she is an attorney herself, so she is not being charged for the time she is “wasting” trying to get what would be considered fair.

Another story happened to a friend’s neighbor. She went through Airbnb to get a place for her family in Oxnard (beach area in California). Apparently Airbnb is supposed to have rules on hygiene and cleaning for Covid. As they arrived at the premises, the cleaning crew was still cleaning. She saw that the place was not completely cleaned by the time they finished. She complained to the crew and to the rental place. After a couple of hours, outside on the sun, back and forth, she decided to buy some cleaning products and clean the place herself so she wouldn’t disappoint her family. Unfortunately, she is not an attorney herself. LOL!

To both people, my neighbor and my friend, I said the same thing: lesson learned, next time get yourself a travel agent who will find you a great place!

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