Choices – Who is in charge?


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I have a secret to confess, I love to watch people’s reactions to my blogs and posts. The reactions confirm my beliefs that not all of my readers are proactive, some always see the glass as half empty, and a few like to find the negative in every possible positive suggestion. It is OK. Honestly, my goal is to give travel agents and advisors food for thought, ideas, and also show them that we are in charge of all things we can change in ourselves and around us.

My reward is positive feedback, from those who share my blogs and posts, and especially the ones who appreciate them.

I love to share my knowledge in this industry. My tour operator company had to be recreated after 9/11. Now we are in the midst of an even tougher time, but people who love travel have always had a bug (let’s not use the word virus in this case) but a nice and healthy bug, that screams “I need a vacation, somehow, somewhere!” and a creative travel agent can deliver it.

Yes, I’ve heard some doctors telling people to stay home but by the same token, I believe in safe travel. I believe that many good hotels are doing a great job in cleaning the rooms and making sure they have enough staff to keep all common areas safe. They are responsible enough to close the use of pools and gyms.

I believe in respecting everyone’s level of comfort about Covid. I am not saying that travel agents should work as therapists and try to convince clients who are afraid to travel to go places – but be creative and offer opportunities to those who are looking for choices.

Be a positive force in your client’s life, for you and for them. Build relationships now during this difficult time, and your clients will always remember that.


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