RV Travel and Commission


Dear Travel Agents and Advisors,

I strongly believe that the ones who succeed in the travel business are the creative ones. (Actually, that’s true in any kind of business, but our niche is travel, isn’t it?)

Say you approach a prospective client and offer a trip to a nice resort in the US and find that the person is still not ready to sleep in a bed that someone else has cleaned, or eat from a restaurant, or share public areas with strangers. So what do you do? Cross that prospective out for 2020…or offer an RV?

Did you know that RV rental companies pay commission?

Yes, they do!

The rental of RVs has increased 600% thanks to Covid-19. As in the case of any travel business, there are travelers who will try to deal directly with the RV rental company. It seems that they don’t value their own time, and many don’t know that by using a travel agent/advisor they will save themselves time and headaches, get all the information they need and the benefit of tips from an expert.

RVs come in all sizes, from the most simple and least expensive, to the most luxurious. Overall, they are a well priced vacation rental and combine the best of both worlds. Travelers pack and unpack only ONCE. Their accommodations travel together with them while they explore each and every place they decide to stay.

At the time of the rental, the group can designate how many drivers they need from their group, and plan how far and how many days they will travel. Together with a travel agent, they can find places that the group can explore, and still feel safe in every way.

Along the route, they can stop at Walmarts and gas stations, or Costco or Sams to purchase a variety of food. They don’t need to go to any restaurants if they don’t want to. They can feel safer being completely self contained for their entire vacation.

So what is the excuse not to sell travel this year?

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