Cruises vs. Resorts


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

A few weeks ago, we talked about river and ocean cruises. Now, I want to focus on cruises vs. resorts, as travelers are getting more and more antsy to get going on their well-deserved vacations.

As we can see, other countries like Europe and the Caribbean will be open for the tourism before the US. We don’t see US ports being open to the cruise lines yet because they need to follow CDC guidelines.

But, in order to get to the river or ocean cruises in Europe, a traveler will have to fly to Europe.

I am wondering how soon and how many travelers are comfortable taking a long flight overseas, when we talk about keeping social distance, wearing masks, and especially with food, and sharing a bathroom.

Another choice is flying to the Caribbean (still overseas but not such a long flight from many US gateways). Cruises would have to start from a Caribbean island and would not need to follow the CDC’s guidance. Keep in mind that the Caribbean survives mostly from tourism generated from the cruise lines.

Another choice for those who are not comfortable with the social distancing rules of the cruise lines or the long flights overseas to catch a river cruise in Europe, is to relax in a resort.

Resorts offer the experience of the vacation one needs, while at the same time, allows guests to be socially distant from strangers.

Ultimately, resorts can be the place to go for many people who still want to have a vacation in 2020.

Many resorts offer day excursions to different areas around them, so the traveler doesn’t need to feel confined with just one place to visit. Another idea is to combine a couple of resorts and enjoy a broader area to visit.

The more options you can offer to your client, the more inclined he/she will be to find a reason and an opportunity to travel, despite the circumstances.

You, the travel agent/advisor, have the tools to make any vacation a great experience for your clients.

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