Travel: What is Next?


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

This shall pass! We all know that – some can say it out loud, others just whisper, and most can feel it in our guts.

Leisure travel works for people the same way as Prozac work in the brain. It brings happiness, and even though travel is temporary, the more trips you take, the happier you feel.

So, what will happen with travel businesses after this Coronavirus pandemic passes?  We cannot expect that travel will go back to the way it was before Coronavirus. Like 9/11, many things have changed to protect us. Coronavirus will be a new reality until they find the perfect vaccine against it, and make sure there is no more risk of contracting this awful, deadly virus.

In my opinion and experience, people will travel in private tours or very, very small groups of less than 10 people. So, there will be a bigger opportunity for tour guides and local guides (even people who know places well, and speak different languages, but don’t have a certificate as a tour guide). Different qualifications will bring different prices. This will also bring more minivans and more jobs for drivers and drivers/guides.

I expect more places will check people’s temperature, including hotels, restaurants and even museums and other public places where there are many people together. Places will advertise how safe they are for people, and prices will vary based on that as well. A 5-star hotel will advertise rooms that are completely virus free, restaurants with all-inclusive buffet but servers at each station, and tables arranged more separately. The travel industry will definitely need to hire more people to serve those who are going to be starving for a safe trip, and that is great news.

My advice to you, travel agent/advisor, continue learning, try to specialize in private tours or very small groups. This is time to connect with your clients and new prospective ones, making sure they are safe, and tell them that soon you will be offering great deals on private tours or group tours of less than 10 people. Let them dream again and have something to look forward to.

Do not feel sorry for yourself, put your energy in getting ready to satisfy a huge number of clients starving to travel safely very soon.

Next week’s blog: Cruising!

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