Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

How can you deliver the PERFECT trip? And, exactly what is a PERFECT trip?

In any sized group, even just a couple, or a family of four, and especially in a big group, people have different expectations. Some find the positive in every challenge, and others find the challenge in every opportunity. But that is just how human beings are, and we can’t change that.

So how can a travel expert deliver a PERFECT trip?

It is definitely by being available to the clients over the trip. Being the “middleman” and communicating with the client and the tour operator during the trip to ensure that every single little problem is solved during the trip.

It is important to inform the client that you will be doing this, and even more important to let them know not to wait a few days to report an issue because it is easier to solve any inconvenience while it is happening, and not a few days after. Communication ensures a great trip.

I can tell you many personal stories of things that have gone wrong on my trips that end up being funny memories. Please read my next blog and I will share some of them. I still treasure these memories as being both funny and learning experiences.

Be transparent and tell your clients or prospective clients that there is no “perfect” trip, but there is a travel expert who will make sure that every single memory will be an unforgettable experience.

And by the way, don’t try to find this service on the internet, they cannot deliver it!

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