Times change…


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Last week I blogged about honeymoon trips and budgets. That reminded me of my own honeymoon almost 35 years ago.

Then, living in Brazil with not 2 pennies to rub together, my husband-to-be wanted to give us a nice honeymoon. He went to a travel agent, and told her how much money we didn’t have. We were very young: Edward was 25 and I was 22. He needed to leave the country of Brazil to renew his visa (he was Argentinian then) as well book a honeymoon – and wanted a trip that with little money would accomplish both. She was awesome! She got us a group tour (yes, group was cheaper!) to see Iguaçu Falls on both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides. Our hotel’s name was the Colonial Hotel (maybe then, 3 stars?) The price included a flight to Iguaçu on the Brazilian side, visited both sides of the falls, and my husband was able to cross the border and renew his visa.

I do remember that I was a little disappointed about the hotel’s furniture, it was old and dark, but my husband reminded me that the name of the hotel was Colonial so the furniture matched both the name and the decor. I also remember also that some older folks from the group taught me how to dry my undies behind the mini refrigerator in the room. Members of the group were very nice to us because we were the only honeymooners.

It was funny when the hotel checked us into a room with 2 beds. My husband went back to the front desk and told them that we were in our honeymoon and we needed a double bed (there were no queen or king beds then and there!) and they changed our reservation. Brazilians are friendly and funny, so someone from the front desk brought us porno magazine and my husband took the joke well, and said that because it was our honeymoon, that wouldn’t be necessary.

Ten years ago, on our 25th anniversary, we decided to do our honeymoon again and go back to Iguaçu Falls. My husband suggested that we go to the same hotel. I told him no, that we could now could afford Hotel das Cataratas, a much nicer hotel. He told me that the reason he wanted to go back to the same hotel was because of the magazines, LOL!

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