“Pampering” a client

man-2382314_960_720Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

We all agree that no search engine or even the best internet program can substitute a travel agent/advisor’s ability to deal with a client or prospective client. Feelings and emotions cannot be connected through the internet, and all people want to feel listened to, heard, understood and even “pampered.”

To listen and understand a client we need to be 100% present. There is no need to be a therapist, but empathy goes a long way. The way a prospective client explains how they have dreamed about their honeymoon trip may not necessarily coincide with their budget, and that is when creativity and the right words (empathy) come into play. With caring words and your help to make their dreams reality, a beautiful white sand beach (sometimes much closer to home) in a resort (sometimes not as fancy as 5 deluxe stars) will become the best honeymoon trip they could have imagined.

I believe in problem solving (such as in the example above) and providing some “pampering” (for example, giving them a lot of information about the destination, TSA, and other knowledge I can offer to them).

Unfortunately, as in any field, some clients take the “pampering” a little too far – and then it is time to set limits. I have had clients ask me if it will rain on the days they will be there (2 months ahead). Some do not read the information I have given them, and then ask the same questions over and over even though they were addressed in previous emails. I think these are my biggest pet peeves from clients, especially when they think they have the right to ask that of me. First of all, I have no connection with God to be able to know the weather ahead of time, and second, please, read the emails I send, ask questions if you don’t understand, and if you don’t get the email, tell me so I can send it again – but don’t ignore them and then think you can “abuse” the person who is doing you a service.

What is your biggest pet peeve in this industry?

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