Traveling and WiFi


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

How much should you know about WiFi in different countries?

Do you know if in Machu Picchu the WiFi is stronger than in Cusco or Lima? How about in Delhi or Agra in India? Do you know which carrier has a better deal on international rates per day for unlimited internet?

How about which cell phone is better for inserting an international SIM card?

Usually the most common questions are about hotel charges for WiFi, but trust me on this, I did not create the questions above, they came to me from clients when they were almost ready to travel.

I understand that these days, it is almost impossible to eat a delicious meal without taking a picture and posting it on social media. Or seeing the sunrise without sharing it with all your friends and family.

Being without a cell for a couple of hours feels like the world has turned its back to us.

People can’t disconnect from their phones even in movie theaters, imagine for a whole entire vacation!

When questions like this come to me, I just say, please check with your phone carrier or provider. I can’t control the speed of WiFi even at home, and my suggestion is to pretend it is 1984 and enjoy your vacation. Leave your cell phone in the safe of the hotel. Disconnect and connect to other travelers, to the new destination, to the locals. Take pictures with a good camera and use your eyes and all of your other senses to explore during this precious time. Keep every moment safe in your memory because that time and that moment will not come back. Savor every minute like a delicious wine, or your favorite food. Just live in that moment.

Somehow, WiFi is taking away precious moments and I wouldn’t expect any travel agent/advisor to become an expert about phone service.


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