Do Good, and Travel


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

On the last day of 2019, most of us are thinking about what we can improve on in 2020. Some are planning on making some New Year’s resolutions, others like me are dreaming about new places to visit in the next year. A lot of travel entrepreneurs are also counting on making their businesses better and stronger, and figuring out how they can promote themselves to get more clients.

Here is my suggestion for 2020. It is something that involves all of the above, with the addition of “Doing Good.”  Are you ready to hear this?  I promise it is simpler than you expect and much easier than a New Year’s resolution. The more you promote this idea, the more prospective, great clients you will get to think that you are awesome!

I have been doing this for many years. It is easy and fun! When I travel, I bring with me my older (in very good condition) tennis shoes and shoes. I also purchase t-shirts from Target, Walmart and Costco (very colorful and inexpensive). At the end of the trip (or even during the trip) I leave them behind, with a note that they are intended to be given to those who need them.

I’ve learned that even on cruise ships, some people who work there collect these “treasures” and send them to third world countries to help those in need.

When traveling, especially to third-world countries, check with the tour operator to see if they can recommend a church or school where they accept donations. Ask people to bring along school supplies or anything else they are willing to donate in their suitcases.

These are great acts of love, and at the same time, the traveler is making space to bring home souvenirs and presents in their luggage. I am able to travel on all my land tours with only a carry-on by “doing good.” I end up having enough space by leaving my old “treasures” behind, and bringing awesome memories back, and I feel good!

It is such a simple act, but if you multiply the number of travelers per year by the number of shoes, pants, shirts and everything else, can you imagine how much good we can do?

Just remember to leave a note, otherwise hotels and cruises might put your “treasures” in lost and found until you complain.

Here’s to an awesome 2020 of doing good and feeling even better!

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