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VintageflightDear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Have you ever thought about how much the world has grown in the last 60 or 70 years? In 1950 there were 89 countries in the world. In 1960 it grew to 145 and now, almost 2020, there are 193 counties recognized by UN, and even 197 by some definitions.

My point in this is to say that even though not ALL are countries where travel is recommended, we have so many more choices than our parents had. Also, traveling in the 60s was more expensive and more difficult compared to nowadays (so many series on Netflix or in movies everywhere love to show how elegant it was to fly in those days).

Many people don’t stop and think about how much easier, flexible and affordable travel has become, because now it is so much part of our lives; basically, anyone can travel.

Through the years, many countries we once could not even imagine visiting have become places we would gladly visit. Also, unfortunately, a few countries that were once so wonderful to visit, are now not safe. For example, I used to sell Margarita Island in Venezuela. It never made it off my bucket list.  Now I regret it didn’t, I don’t know when it will again be a safe country to visit.

Cuba, on the another hand, made my bucket list as soon as it was possible to visit.  I went by a cruise visiting only Cuba, and it was very interesting. I feel very fortunate to had visited there.

I collect memories. I know there are too many choices; so many more countries to choose now than in my parents’ times. My goal continues to be visiting 120 different countries in the world. It is a great task since I fall in love with many countries and visiting only one is not enough. I have been to many countries more than once, (but I count them only once in my 120 goal!).

My husband knows me well, every time he wants to give me a gift, he books a trip for us. We have trips booked through November 2021. Our life is planned around our trips and not the other way around. We talk, dream, think and breathe trips, and all our family and friends know that.

To beautiful memories, since that is all we can take with us in this life! Amen!

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