Live as if it was


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors:

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe in “meant to be?”

I believe in “live as if it were meant to be!”

First, in your head, you create what you believe you deserve, and then you live as if it were true.


By setting goals and keeping your dreams alive.

I came from Brazil almost 32 years ago, not knowing any English, with no money, and bringing a 1-year-old son and a husband. We came in January, had only 1 bedroom, and slept on the floor (carpet) with just a cheap blanket to cover us. We bought a refrigerator and the refrigerator box became our dining table. I learned English watching Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, and from there, I learned to be a travel agent.

I always liked to dream about traveling, but never had the opportunity to travel other than coming from Brazil to Los Angeles.

I went to work as an outside travel agent for a company in San Diego. I remember the first time a prospective client asked me for a hotel room in Jerusalem, Israel. I asked if he wanted an ocean view. By his reaction I knew I made a boo-boo. So, fast enough, I said I was joking, but then asked if he wanted a high enough floor to see the ocean in Tel Aviv. He thought I was funny (not stupid for sure) and then I realized that I was behaving as if I were already successful.

Things got better from there. I opened my own tour operator company, and eventually had 25 employees – I just kept doing better and better.

If you act as if, and believe in it – the American Dream is still alive, and I am proof of it!

Here’s to being the best that you can be!

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