Choosing the Best Travel Agent/Advisor


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I am targeting YOU, the travel agent, to talk about how customers can choose the best travel advisor for their needs.

Could that work against you? I bet it will not. Actually, my hope is for you to share this post with your clients and prospective clients if you feel comfortable having them read about your best strengths.

I want to compare a great travel agent to a great physical trainer. I use a trainer to make me feel stronger, to help my self-esteem, and to keep me excited about exercising. I’ve tried quite a few trainers. I’ve experienced some that made exercise so boring that I dreaded going, one who found a problem with my neck, back and even my capacity for understanding (?). I’ve found some who like to talk about how good and experienced they are, yet did nothing for me. Then, I found the right one! One who clicked and made me excited to go. When my private classes are over, I am sad.

Finding the right travel agent is the same. It doesn’t matter how famous or busy the person is, how many degrees they have, or the number of countries he/she has visited. It matters how this travel agent makes the client or prospective client feel. How interested they are, and how much they care.

Sure, many new prospective clients have unrealistic expectations, but travel agents can provide a reality check in a straight forward way and with caring words. How? By just being themselves and showing the client how much they care. Kindness goes a long way.

Being a caring and kind person and giving 100% of your attention, shows that many degrees and years of experience are not worth much when they are not in use. Just because a travel agent is famous or has years of experience doesn’t guarantee that his/her work will be fool proof. Everyone can make a mistake but the agents who are 100% present and attentive to their clients will certainly make fewer.

Be the best version of yourself and then you’ll certainly be the kind of travel agent/advisor that clients will be proud to recommend.


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