Life and Time are Non-Refundable


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

How many times have you heard a traveler ask if a trip is refundable, or if an airline ticket (always the most economical, of course) is refundable, and so on.

I always told the travel agents I worked with that life and time are non-refundable; the weeks pass whether we like them or not, and we cannot get a do over just because we were not happy with them, or we were sick, or any other reason.

It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating New Year’s 2019 – and now the stores are already promoting Halloween! How could time have gone so quickly? I really feel like I want a refund for the first almost 10 months of 2019.

Seriously, we all know that we will work hard to make these last months of this year our best. Hopefully, many of us are on the right path, even if only making small steps towards the realization of a big dream.   Hopefully the setbacks of this year are making us stronger and teaching us to become more positive about who we really are.

So, the next time your clients ask about their trips being refundable, just remember this blog about time and life, and offer something that many don’t think of purchasing in REAL LIFE – like Trip Insurance.

Trip Insurance can only give back the money spent on a trip, not the memories or the experience itself – but definitely the material things like money.

Go ahead, continue making their dreams come true! So many people need an expert to take care of their vacations, holidays and trips. And before they realize that real life can happen, make sure they have insurance.

To life, to beautiful memories, and to unforgettable experiences.

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