How Soon is TOO Soon?



Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

How soon is too soon?

If we ask ourselves this question about life, I guess we get nowhere, and nothing — other than anxiety.

Let me explain what I mean.

How soon should I start my career in order to be successful? Is today too late? Never!

We often hear stories of successful people who started a business or a career later in life. To do this, what we need is enthusiasm and dedication, and with that, age is not an excuse, but a sign of experience, maturity and knowledge.

The same applies to anything in life. People should focus on the moment, not relive the past, or wonder about the future. Many have written books about The Present is a Present. Some people are able to enjoy this “gift” – living life in the present moment.

Honestly, I don’t have this gift. Many times I have caught myself daydreaming about what ifs, or worrying about things that I have no control over (I guess I am a worrier), and sometimes dwelling over the past.

I am truly working hard to live my life in the moment, counting my blessings, even the smallest ones, celebrating life and feeling the joy of the hot days, instead of daydreaming about the not-so-hot days.

And when I catch myself not being in the present (most of the time worrying!), I am learning to forgive myself (as my BFF would do) and be as gentle to myself as I am to my friends.

Getting older is teaching to me to be more forgiving and more caring to myself. I truly appreciate each and every person who reads my blogs. Thank you for being one of my blessings.

With love and gratitude,


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