What about you?

woman-4183803_960_720Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I was just on a beautiful cruise from Venice, Italy through the Adriatic Sea. The cruise line was Azamara, one of my favorites; superb service, food and attention to detail make people feel cared for, all with a great price tag.

I enjoy reading a book while on the treadmill. Azamara Pursuit has only 4 treadmills, and when I noticed this I was a bit concerned. I started thinking of other ways to walk fast on the ship, but knew I wouldn’t be able to read at the same time.  To my surprise, every time I went to the gym I found at least 2 treadmills available. I was happy.

When visiting the buffet restaurant I met people who told me that they ate until their clothes got tight because the food was so delicious. Then, I thought to myself, some people use food as a reward, and exercise as a punishment (this being the reason the gym was empty most of the time).

Actually, exercise is supposed to be rewarding and food used as nourishment.

So what do people consider TRAVEL? They probably think of it as an expensive but rewarding present that only few can enjoy.

Well, I believe that travel provides a re-energizing opportunity that helps people feel better, and ready to move ahead.

What about you? How do you prioritize food, exercise and travel?

The way that you live your life is the way you sell yourself and your ideas. Reconsider your body and mind as machines that needs to function correctly for many, many years. Use food as nourishment, use fun exercises as your rewards, and travel as often as possible so your mind can re-energize. You will feel positive, calm, and be able to keep smiling.

Cheers to life!

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One thought on “What about you?

  1. Traveling near or far is a relaxing way to clear the mind of the stresses in our everyday lives. Walking through beautiful medieval towns with dear friends, exploring alleys and stairways, getting lost and being found, drink and eating, and just being where you are at the moment, is a blessing we shouldn’t ignore. We get lost in the fact that moving and walking is exercise for our body because we are having such a great time! By the end of the day we’ve walked 20,000+ steps and didn’t connect to it as an exercise of burden, instead we rejoiced in our stamina and ability to live life to its fullest, while we can. I agree, Rosana, that incorporating exercise as a part of a lifestyle makes it a reward for taking the time to enjoy life’s gifts. No matter how near or far, or budget, you’ve shown how one can get the most out of their travel experience.


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