The Pleasures of Traveling



Dear Travel Agent/Advisors,

As you know, I am an advocate for traveling and will continue to be one for the rest of my life. In my humble opinion, nothing educates people better than visiting other countries and cultures. It teaches people from first world countries to be centered, humble and understanding of how much we take for granted.

While many people around the world are contemplating IF they will have a roof over their heads, or if they can afford meals until the end of the month, many travelers from the US, Canada, UK and other affluent countries are deciding which businesses class service is best for travel (it really is a tough decision if you ask my opinion, LOL!)

Let me focus on OUR tough decisions for a while, since as travel agents/advisors we need to advise our clients, and NOT educate about how people should prioritize their morals and thoughts (I let political views from both sides of the aisle do their job).

For those who don’t know me, my middle name is “Miles” and I take advantage of traveling business class using miles. I have tried MOST of the airlines and have my favorites. I can tell you that one I don’t like for business class is British Airlines. No matter where you sit, you need to climb over, or have someone climb over you.

I love KLM and Delta even though they are not fancy, but I like the service and the way the seats face each other. Now if you want to splurge, fly Emirates or Etihad where you really get spoiled. Last year we went to Japan on China Eastern, and I didn’t expect such good service and now I highly recommended them.

I don’t get any sponsorship for writing this blog, these are my honest and true opinions.  Some of you might not agree with my thoughts. As a disclaimer, food is not important to me since I am gluten and lactose intolerant and most of the time I bring my own food. To me, service is important as well as space, since I am tall and have long legs.

As I mentioned before, I am glad this is a first world problem, but as a travel agent/advisor we need to address these points to make sure your clients are happy.

Feel free to pick my brain. I have more information about other airlines’ business class service based on my personal experience.

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